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Booking system for hotels

I've been looking up a new hotel booking system that I'm thinking of getting to our hotel. The old one isn't that good actually. And it doesn't look that good either. I want a really good looking booking system. I'm going to look a bit more into this and see if we're going to buy it. Hopefully we will. I think that things would get much better around here if we got that system. I think that more customers would show up since it looks better. So it's more compelling to use when it looks good. 

a lot of dates

You cannot imagine how I am looking forward to this weekend. I do, because first of all on Saturday evening my husband will come back after one week of holiday. It went amazing well without him this week but I miss his attendance in the house. When the kids are in bed it is so quiet and there is nobody to talk with. But I am also looking forward to the appointments I have this weekend with some dear friends with their children. My two sons, Merlijn and Pepijn, cannot wait to meet their friends and they miss dad a ...